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WVI Prof. Dr. Wermuth Verkehrsforschung und Infrastrukturplanung GmbH
Company profile

WVI Prof. Dr. Wermuth Verkehrsforschung und Infrastrukturplanung GmbH is an engineering company specialising in the areas transport planning, traffic engineering, and environmental protection in transport. Our range of services includes research and development, planning and consulting, and assessment and testing for almost all areas of the transport sector.  It is our overall aim to optimise the entire transport system, so we focus on collecting and analysing travel demand data that allow forecasts, as well as on assessing the impact of infrastructure on people, space and the environment.


The complexity of our work requires interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, which is why the WVI staff includes experts from different fields. Our team of civil engineers, statisticians, information scientists and geographers can provide an extensive range of services, as well as expertise and a commitment to meeting the transport challenges of the future. We are a partner to rely on for providing transport solutions.


Since it was founded in 1989, WVI GmbH has steadily grown. Our team currently includes 33 employees and 5 research assistants.


We believe that all planning in a complex transport system should be based on sound statistical data. The collection, processing and analysis of valid demand and supply data are therefore of key importance to us.

WVI GmbH is based in Braunschweig, a central location with good access to most transport hubs in Germany. Braunschweig has also long been home to many leading companies and research institutes in the fields vehicle construction, traffic engineering and transport planning. At WVI GmbH, we benefit from these locational advantages and team up with local expertise to find solutions for our customers.


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