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WVI Prof. Dr. Wermuth Verkehrsforschung und Infrastrukturplanung GmbH

Development of software applications using new programming techniques and including user and application documentation


Software products





Program system for the planning, implementation and analysis of passenger interviews using random sampling


  • Data formats for transfer of timetable data
    • ISA (infopool standard ASCII interface)
    • DIVA
  • Sampling per line, period, type of weekday, time segment
  • Scheduling interviews including staff deployment
  • Supports different counting and interviewing concepts
  • Data collection and plausibility checks (using a PDA, or ex-post based on paper documentation)
  • Weighting of survey data






Tool for analysing public transport demand data


  • User-friendly database solution with predefined standard queries
  • Integration of existing demand data
  • Export of results to MS Excel, MS Access or to text file format


Used by:

VGN Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg (Nuremberg regional transport association)

RMV Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (Rhein-Main area transport association) and the associated local transport operators

*Stadtwerke Bamberg (Bamberg local transport operator)






Program system for the organisation and analysis of severely disabled passenger counts


  • Sampling compliant with guidelines
  • Data collection
  • Weighting and analysis compliant with guidelines



Used by:

A considerable number of transport companies





Line performance and line profitability calculations


  • Database solution for analysing the profitability of individual public transport line services
  • Combining data on services, demand, revenue and cost to generate meaningful data for individual lines or line sections 
  • Display of costs and revenue per line, local authority and period in table format
  • Comparison of revenues and costs for different periods


Used by:

*Stadtwerke Bamberg (Bamberg local transport operator) 





Electronic passenger survey ELFE

ELFE-based passenger interviews with FastFeedback


  • For use in counts, interviews, or in counts and interviews
  • Form modification by operator
  • Plausibility checks and restricted number of options for data entry where it makes sense
  • Automatic import of tickets
  • Support of operating error
  • Automatic collection of information




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