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Software products





Program system for the planning, implementation and analysis of passenger interviews using random sampling


  • Data formats for transfer of timetable data
    • ISA (infopool standard ASCII interface)
    • DIVA
  • Sampling per line, period, type of weekday, time segment
  • Scheduling interviews including staff deployment
  • Supports different counting and interviewing concepts
  • Data collection and plausibility checks (using a PDA, or ex-post based on paper documentation)
  • Weighting of survey data






Tool for analysing public transport demand data


  • User-friendly database solution with predefined standard queries
  • Integration of existing demand data
  • Export of results to MS Excel, MS Access or to text file format


Used by:

VGN Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg (Nuremberg regional transport association)

RMV Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (Rhein-Main area transport association) and the associated local transport operators

*Stadtwerke Bamberg (Bamberg local transport operator)






Program system for the organisation and analysis of severely disabled passenger counts


  • Sampling compliant with guidelines
  • Data collection
  • Weighting and analysis compliant with guidelines



Used by:

A considerable number of transport companies





Line performance and line profitability calculations


  • Database solution for analysing the profitability of individual public transport line services
  • Combining data on services, demand, revenue and cost to generate meaningful data for individual lines or line sections 
  • Display of costs and revenue per line, local authority and period in table format
  • Comparison of revenues and costs for different periods


Used by:

*Stadtwerke Bamberg (Bamberg local transport operator) 





Electronic passenger survey ELFE

ELFE-based passenger interviews with FastFeedback


  • For use in counts, interviews, or in counts and interviews
  • Form modification by operator
  • Plausibility checks and restricted number of options for data entry where it makes sense
  • Automatic import of tickets
  • Support of operating error
  • Automatic collection of information




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